The Benefits of Repurposing – How To Get More Mileage Out Of Your Content

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You may or may have not heard of repurposing content, especially if you’re new in the game.


At first glance, it can seem like this involved, complicated process – yet another “to-do” on your ever growing list.


I mean I’m supposed to help you with this content, not be some brutal taskmaster!


It’s extra work, I won’t lie to you about that. You’re either going to be doing more hands-on work and content creation, or you’re going to be paying for the help.


And let me say this before we get started; each podcast is different, each podcast has a different journey and different objectives. You may not want a gigantic presence, or to even juggle multiple platforms. Repurposing isn’t necessary, but it can be a fantastic tool when it matches your goals are a bigger following and more listeners.


Keep that in mind when you’re reading this, you’re the expert on yourself and what you create.

So, What Is It?


Repurposing is basically the process of adapting old content in a new, or different way. You’re not exactly 100% re-using it, merely using aspects of what you’ve already created to make something new.


Marketers try to make it sound fancy and as I said before, complicated. In reality, it’s pretty straight-forward. 

What Does It Look Like?


Repurposed content can be a lot of different things. 


For text, you have your newsletters and blogs, maybe even LinkedIn posts or tweets. These could be adapted from something you verbatim said in your podcast, or could be based off of a topic or segment you covered. If you script your episodes at all, typically that content can be converted relatively easily as well. 


The point is you aren’t starting from scratch, you’re using something you’ve already carefully crafted and developed.


For video, you can easily export moments from your podcast in the form of clips or episode highlights. These could be on more traditional post platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook – but also Instagram and Tik Tok.


Clip content is especially interesting and arguably more important than ever. Tik Tok is still dominating and even Instagram and YouTube have added clip formats (Reels and Shorts, respectively). If you can crank out regular clips, you can get access to these apps and their users. 


Why Do I Care?


Well, you may not. It depends on how interested and motivated you are in growing your audience. You can totally be content with a podcast and a presence on one or maybe two platforms.


As the title suggests, repurposing gets you more mileage out of your content and it also helps you distribute it better through different channels.


A podcast, as a single long-form piece of media, has its benefits and its drawbacks. One of the big drawbacks that it can have is that the format only caters to one type of audience member. 


Repurposing helps you adapt to people’s preferences and in turn, capture more awareness and followers. 


We’re just considering the fact that some people have shorter attention spans, or a shorter attention tolerance – they much prefer clips or medium length “highlights” to the whole shebang. Other people prefer written content, such as blogs, message boards or text posting.


When you’re able to deliver multiple experiences, you’ll capture more followers.

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