Humanizing Your Brand: The New Era of Connection

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Whether you’re getting into the podcasting game to promote yourself, your brand or your business, you have to keep the audience in mind.


We’ve always harped on it: focus on the needs of the listeners. 


What problems do they have? What can you give them? Advice? Insight? Entertainment?


Now comes all the work to actually deliver the show to your audience: scripting, show notes, recording, editing. 


Week after week. Again and again. Do this, do that.


I mean, outside of possible monetization what are you getting from this? What is really happening here?


Humanize Your Brand – The Idea


Simply put, you’re cultivating a brand personality that is personable and accessible. 


Audiences want to experience you, or your brand more viscerally. They want to see you, see how you are, hear your voice, your inflection. There is a true intimacy to podcasting that shortens the gap between creator and listener, it’s the perfect environment to forge a bond with your audience.


Yes we’re also building awareness, marketing your services or brand, et cetera.


But it’s really about relationship building, it’s how you get people to care enough to keep watching, to care enough to do business with you, to recommend you to a friend.

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