How Do You Manage: 3 Simple Rules You Need to Run Your Podcast

Once you get to your mid-to-late twenties, the old adage “time is your greatest resource” becomes a lot more relevant.


Definitely a lot less eye-rolling from me (I’m 26).


After college, basically none of us have time, right?


I mean, if you have a 9-to-5 job and you’re in a relationship – you barely have time.


Mix in friends, family, laundry, the dishes, gym.. You get the picture.


So How Much Time Is It?


Probably one of the most important things you need to know going into this is: podcasting will take time. 


A house is cool to live in, but building it is a whole other animal. 


Take for instance a 30-minute podcast episode – between audio and video editing, recording, scripting and prep – it may take you up to 3 or 4 hours.


Pushy producers that just want to sell you will say that you can make your own podcast in half that time, maybe even less. And they’re right you technically can, but it’s going to be half-baked and generally not worth it. Why do half measures?


Now, you can save some time right off the bat by getting yourself some freelancers.


Okay – now you’re hiring people, managing people, organizing schedules and due dates.

You’re making progress, but you’re not out of the woods yet. You’re still going to need to prepare the episode, brainstorm what you’re going to talk about.


I’m being obnoxious. My point is that there is a minimum time commitment that simply cannot be escaped.


So Are We Screwed?


There isn’t any reversal coming up. So kinda.


To make this shit look good it’s a near every-day grind. This is a multi-year, living, breathing project. You gotta brace for impact.


So let’s dig into some ways that we can keep this whole thing loosey-goosey. Just a bit of preparation and foresight, nothing too fancy.


  1. Always prioritize: Your podcast will have time sensitive tasks that are repetitive, but necessary. Identify what needs to be prioritized and build your plan of attack around it.
  2. Always be ahead: Batching, batching, batching. We can’t say it enough. Coming up with episodes and recording them in “batches” will absolutely save your ass around the holidays, if you’re busy with work, not in the mood, et cetera. Something always comes up – batching is your podcast’s insurance policy.
  3. Always be organized: The goal here is to not lose anything, or be surprised by anything. Get your spreadsheet game going! Google forms are free and will get you 95% there. Establish order in the beginning and stick to it. This goes for your schedule as well – plot out a day to record, to polish, publish.

It can be managed – but it’s not just about reducing the amount of time you spend. These rules pertain to making the time you do need to spend bearable.


1 out of 2 podcasts don’t make it past episode two. They didn’t know what they were getting into – and they didn’t have a management plan.


So be a better friend to yourself, give yourself the best shot that you can at making this thing work. Stick to these tenets and keep your sanity tucked tight. 

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