Your Podcasting ‘In’: Be a Great Guest

Starting a podcast isn’t for everyone. 


It’s true. Do you know why?


Because it’s a hell of a lot of work. 

You need time, money, motivation – it’s a labor of love, but with a purpose and objective. 


Once it’s built, you need to run it, maintain it and even fix it when necessary.


Maybe it isn’t for you now, maybe it isn’t for you, ever.


But that doesn’t mean that there is no way for you to participate in podcasting. Quite the opposite, there is a way to reap all the benefits of podcasting, with a fraction of the work – be a guest.


Practically speaking you need only yourself, some research and a little preparation and viola you are officially part of the podcasting space.


But why?


I appreciate brevity, don’t you?


Let’s take a look at why you should even be interested in being a guest:

  1. You can “try before you buy” podcasting – access to the experience and all the benefits at a fraction of the commitment.
  2. You get put in front of an audience of potential customers or listeners of your choosing.
  3. Free content! A guesting clip gives your content more authority, is more dynamic and it’s easy to post.


And this is with none of the responsibilities and management that comes with running your very own podcast.

 And even more good news: getting started is easy.

First things first and I know it sounds silly, but you need to consider what you would talk about – it could be from your own experience, background, education, or expertise. 


Take your time with this, expand on it. Some questions for you to consider, to you know, get the gears turning:


What would you specifically talk about? How would you talk about it? Would there be anything you would want to emphasize? Highlight? What could you utilize to make your story or appearance more interesting, or compelling?


You get the picture. Iterate on your content, really imagine what your appearance would be like and see how you feel. In the end, you have to want to be involved.


If you’re curious about some functional steps to finding podcasts and getting booked, check out this link to our free guesting guide!

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