Welcome to Podcast Principles

Welcome to Podcast Principles: Foundational Elements Every Podcaster Must Know 

Here at Podcast Principles, our priority is to create the highest quality product for our clients. But this is a business objective, not a philosophy.

We’ve always approached podcasting in a unique way. In a fluid media landscape such as ours, it’s important to stay agile – and that’s what we’re best at.


Starting a podcast isn’t rocket science, but they both include a launch process. It isn’t complicated, it’s just full of details. These “details” are what we like to call, our podcast principles.

These principles break the obstacles and barriers to entry that stop most people.

So how can we grow something that we love, that we are passionate about? We asked ourselves what role we could play in democratizing all of this great information.

So that’s why we aren’t keeping what we’ve learned behind lock and key. 

Our very own podcast principles will be presented, explored and discussed weekly by none other than founder and podcaster, Ryan R. Sullivan.

Join us this season as we tackle topics and issues that exist within podcasting from audience-building, to distribution and monetization and much, much more.

Included in Season 1: 

  • Is a Podcast Right for You? The Purpose of a Podcast
  • The Podcast Guesting Guide – How to Grow Your Business by Being a Guest in 4 Steps
  • How Much Time Does it Take to Start a Podcast? Scheduling, guesting, in-person vs remote, organizational tips.
  • How Do I Make Money from a Podcast?
  • How Much Money Do I Have to Invest into my Podcast?
  • How do I get People to Care about my Podcast?
  • How to Use a Podcast to Build an Audience
  • Should I record video for my Podcast?
  • How to Repurpose Your Podcast Content
  • The Podcast Marketing Guide – Anthony Nwaneri on How to Market Your Podcast in 2022
  • The Podcast Production and Recording Guide
  • The Podcast Distribution Guide
  • The Podcast Launch Checklist
  • Podcast Principles Q/A – Season 1 Review and Wrap-Up

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